CS GO Crosshair, CSGO Pro Crosshairs

Best CS GO Crosshair

A Closer Look at CSGO Pro Crosshairs Choosing the right type, no! The best CS GO crosshair to play with may seem like a matter of personal preference; however, there are many aspects you should take into consideration before making that decision. Understand that fitting yourself with the right crosshair could help you learn game […]

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Valorant PC Settings

Best VALORANT PC Settings

From Mouse Sensitivity to Gaming Gear. The Full VALORANT Setup Guide Choosing the Right Mouse Sensitivity for VALORANT Mouse sensitivity is overall a personal preference, and while some players have high sensitivities (20cm / 360° Turn) and others quite low (60cm / 360° Turn) there are some guidelines when it comes to Valorant settings you […]

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Which Cities Love Gaming the Most, 3D Aim Trainer

Which Cities Love Gaming the Most?

We break down the world’s international hotspots for budding gaming enthusiasts and competitive gamers alike. Gaming is a growing, multi-billion-dollar industry – and it’s showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. With streaming services like Twitch and Mixer catapulting talented competitive gamers into the spotlight, the popularity of games is growing exponentially. For […]

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