CSGO aim training guide

CSGO Tips & More to Improve your Aim

Before we dive into this CSGO Aim Training guide, let’s first take a look at the popular game’s history and background.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive or CSGO for short, has been around since 2012 and is the direct successor of Counter Strike 1.6, the mother of all competitive tactical shooter games. While the game is over 8 years old it’s still one of the most played competitive fps games around with 660 thousand players at any given time and a view rate of 86.1 thousand on Twitch alone, only very few games do better than that.

Over the years Counter-Strike has grown it’s status for being the PC shooter benchmark and if someone wants to become serious about playing FPS games, CSGO is the game they usually pick first.

It’s everlasting popularity is due to a mix of several factors including a professional Esports league supported by the biggest teams around the globe driving massive audiences, a big and dedicated community creating content for the game, and the sophisticated gameplay without doubt. CS:GO gameplay might look surprisingly easy at first glance but as any CSGO player knows, it takes a week to learn and a decade to master!

CSGO Gameplay

The CSGO gameplay itself is pretty straightforward as both teams: “terrorist” and “counter-terrorists” compete against each other in multiple 5v5 bomb planting rounds, where the terrorists need to plant a bomb on a certain location on the map while the counter-terrorists need to prevent the terrorist from accomplishing their mission. In every round, both teams’ assets and armour are dependent on the team’s performance in the previous round, where they have to accumulate a certain amount of credits to spend on weapons and gear in the upcoming round. Each match exists out of 30 rounds where both teams need to play 15 rounds as terrorist and 15 as counter-terrorist, the team that wins the most matches at the end wins the game. You can find more in depth articles that describe CS GO Gameplay online, including the various modes and gun categories but for now we need to start exploring how to improve aim in CS GO.

CSGO Tips: Improve your Aiming Technique at Counter Strike

When we look at the required skills to complete your CSGO aim training at a higher level an in-depth understanding of used meta strategies, effective team communication and thorough map knowledge are key.

When we zoom-in on the mechanical skill set, the most important points towards individual success:

  • Reaction speed
  • Crosshair placement
  • Angle peeking
  • Weapon spread & recoil management

To get to the optimal Reaction speed required for dominating at CSGO, aim to do 30 minutes of concentrated reaction time practice each day. Always keep your hands warm and aid your reaction time training with precision practice as well. Always keep your crosshair at head level and as you proceed forward on the map, clear out every angle by pre gaming at where you think there would be an enemy before you make the peak. Peak each spot one at a time while making sure not to expose yourself to a new angle. That way, when your enemy appears you'll be aiming as close as possible to their position and can actually take a few milliseconds off your mouse adjustment time and remove chances for any error. Use the pre fire technique, essentially that is when you peak and shoot instantaneously you're not actually seeing an enemy and reacting. preemptive aiming allows you to proactively shoot your enemy before they even had a chance to react.

When it comes to recoil, studying the firing pattern of your gun, since they remain the same you can predict where you need to readjust to make sure your bullets hit your designated target every time you open fire. You need to effectively reverse this pattern as the gun unloads to ensure a better outcome for yourself. This requires days of serious practice to build up the correlating muscle memory and work on that twitchy trigger finger. You really need to go beyond beginner's level until your spraying is second nature to you.

This has everything to do with the very fast time to kill (TTK) in CS:GO where every millisecond gained or lost can be the difference between a win or a loss. That is why individual player reaction time has a huge impact at the very top of the competitive ladder.

But before you can reach this level you need to make sure all the other aim related skills are on point.

Train your Aim for CS GO with 3D Aim Trainer

The decisive factor when it comes to CSGO aim training is the very low time to kill. This pushes the aim skill-set required for CSGO heavily towards fast reaction speed, small accurate flick shots and weapon spread & recoil management.

Start your CSGO aim training online with 3D Aim Trainer arena by concentrating on perfecting your skills in



  • + Micro flick shots
  • + Macro flick shots
Click Timing

Click Timing

  • + Bounce ball click timing
Target switching

Target switching

  • + Bounce ball target switching

Visit our Academy and reach the highest Training Levels of aim practice at CS GO. The routine you would need to focus on.

CSGO Training Routine

5x Micro Flick Shots

LevelPointsTime to Target
1-4+90.000 Pt.-200ms
5-6+90.000 Pt.-175ms
7-9+100.000 Pt.-125ms

3X Macro Flick Shots

LevelPointsTime to Target
1-4+60.000 Pt.-225ms
5-6+60.000 Pt.-200ms
7-9+70.000 Pt.-150ms

5X Bounce Ball Click Timing

1+120.000 Pt.
2+115.000 Pt.
3+105.000 Pt.
4-6+110.000 Pt.
7+100.000 Pt.
8+105.000 Pt.
9+750.000 Pt.

3X Bounce Target Switching

1-2+115.000 Pt.
3-6+105.000 Pt.
7+100.000 Pt.
8+105.000 Pt.
9+90.000 Pt.

5X Goalkeeper

1+200.000 Pt.+85%
2+150.000 Pt.+75%
3+170.000 Pt.+80%
4+180.000 Pt.+70%
5+190.000 Pt.+75%
6+195.000 Pt.+70%
7+200.000 Pt.+85%
8+50.000 Pt.+50%
9+75.000 Pt.+60%

For those of you who want to know how to improve aim in CS GO, it is highly recommended to practice at least 15min for flicking and 15min of clicking / target switching every day to see some decent progress. For maximum improvement in CSGO aim training in the shortest amount of time or for players with intermediate aiming skills, train your aim every day. Additionally, for skilled aimers, being well rested is key for breaking their current skill ceiling, as sleep has a major impact on the brain's processing power and human reaction speed.

Long training sessions are not the best for anyone. It’s much better to play for a limited time, have a proper rest and then repeat your in-game practice and build your muscle memory. In short, 30 minutes to an hour on a daily basis is far more effective and sustainable than 3 hours once a week. That applies to every level you’re at.

We hope this CSGO Aim Training Guide was useful and if you have any questions, please join our Discord Community.