Hyper Scape Training Guide

Improve Your Aim in Ubisoft's New FPS Game

With Hyper Scape publisher Ubisoft and Ubisoft Montreal releasing its first free-to-play battle royale game and with it, they brought something new and fresh to the already packed battle royale table, so strap in as we take a closer look into Ubisoft’s newest creation!

Hyper Scape Gameplay

As the game’s name suggests, the futuristic scene and environment are set in 2054 with a fierce battle map that is highly combative. Hyper Scape can be played solo as a first-person shooter or in a three-player squad.

When we take a closer look at Hyper Scape, we can immediately identify a couple of FPS game mechanics that set this new battle royale apart from the rest of the pack. For example, the unique ability to pick a system where every character can select random abilities that are scattered all over the map instead of being bound to a specific hero/skillset like in Apex Legends. This creates interesting gameplay that we haven’t seen before in battle royale.

The next thing that stands out is the extremely high pace of the game, as there is almost no downtime between fights due to the high movement speed and map design.

Speaking of map design; the map is based on a futuristic version of Paris, with the “Notre Dame” as the main eye-catcher. A big urban city means a lot of verticalities, and Ubisoft Montreal encourages the use of buildings and high ground as the rooftops contain walkways and rail bridges you can use to move between buildings.

The last thing that mixes things up is the complete absence of items like shields and heals, instead, your character heals up over time when not in combat. This in combination with the unique weapon pick-up system that upgrades your weapon depending on the times you’ve collected makes for very fluent and fast gameplay which synergizes perfectly with the fast-paced nature of this shooter game.

Training to Play Hyper Scape with 3D Aim Trainer

When zooming in on the aiming aspect of Hyper Scape we immediately notice that the time to kill (TTK) in Hyper Scape is very high and on par with Apex Legends.

This has a great effect on the training course for this game as it will gravitate heavily towards the tracking aim style since it will take in most cases a significant amount of bullets to take your enemy down as it’s all about keeping your crosshair on target in order to cause the most damage in the shortest possible time.

Improve your aim for Hyper Scape with 3D Aim Trainer by joining our Academy and following the below aim training routine


  • Lvl 1-2: + 75% Acc
  • lvl 3-4: +70 Acc
  • lvl 5-6: +55%
  • lvl 7-8: + 60%
  • lvl 9: +45%


  • Lvl 1-4: +60% Acc
  • Lvl 4–7: 50% Acc
  • Lvl 8–9: 5%


  • Lvl 1-4: +60% Acc
  • Lvl 4–7: +50% Acc
  • Lvl 8–9: +35%


  • Lvl 1-2: +115000
  • Lvl 3–4: +105000
  • lvl 5-6: +105000
  • lvl 7: +100000
  • lvl 8: +105000
  • lvl 9: +90000


  • lvl 1: +200.000 (+85% acc)
  • lvl 2: +150.000 (+75% acc)
  • lvl 3: +170.000 (+80% acc)
  • lvl 4: + 180.000 (+70% acc)
  • lvl 5: +190.000 (+75% acc)
  • lvl 6: 195.000 (+70% acc)
  • lvl 7: + 200.000 (+85% acc)
  • lvl 8: + 50.000 (+50% acc)
  • lvl 9: + 75.000 (+60%)

For aim practice in relation to Hyper Scape, it’s recommended to dedicate at least 30 minutes for one shooting routine (clicking, flicking or tracking) every day to get noticeable results.

For maximum improvement in the shortest amount of time or for players with already decent aiming skills, train every day for an hour straight. Additionally, for skilled aimers, being well-rested is key for breaking their current skill ceiling most of them face, as sleep has a major impact on the brain's processing power and human reaction speed.

Hyper Scape Mouse Sensitivity Settings

As always, it is highly recommended to stick to the mouse sensitivity you are used to as it translates the fastest to a new game. If you are new, then use 360°-character spin between 25 40 cm for Hyper Scape as the required aiming style is very track-oriented. Pro Players always recommend from personal experience to set tracking between 28 32 cm.

We hope this Hyper Scape Training Guide was useful and if you have any questions, please join our Discord Community.