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Valorant Aim Trainer Guide

How to improve your aim in Valorant

To be able to improve your aim at Valorant, you first need to understand it’s DNA. The new free to play tactical FPS game is the brainchild of Riot Games, the creators of League of Legends. But what is the core essence of Valorant? The tactical multiplayer hero-based first-person shooter game is a merge between Counter-Strike (70%) and Overwatch (30%). Basically, if both aforementioned games were to unite in holy matrimony, Valorant would be their child.

Gameplay Key Features

To start this Valorant aim trainer guide, the gameplay itself leans heavily towards Counter-Strike with the following features:

  • Multiple 5v5 bomb planting rounds
  • Credit-based weapon economy
  • Similar to CS:GO linear map layout
  • Very low TTK (Time To Kill: the time it takes for a player to die when taking damage)

The most required skills for success at playing Valorant are:

  • High reaction speed
  • Accuracy in crosshair placement and flicks
  • Recoil management and weapon spread
  • Mastering corner and angle peeking
  • Thorough map knowledge

The Overwatch contribution is not merely a swirl on top, it resides in the distinct abilities each hero character has. For a multiplayer game, this gives teams an almost endless pool of tactical and strategic options to play and experiment, all in the meantime being very entertaining to spectate for any esports audience and enthusiast.

How to train for Valorant

The aim skill-set required to become a top Valorant aim trainer leans heavily towards high reaction speed, small accurate flick shots, weapon spread, and recoil management. Boost your skills in those attributes and you’ll move up in ranks. To explain mastering your aiming skills at Valorant in more details:

As you are advancing throughout the map, always be aware of your crosshair placement by keeping it at head height and take corners by slightly adjusting your crosshair towards the edge of the corner while you approach it. No matter your reflexes, solid crosshair placement gives you the best shot on taking down your target in a split second the moment you have contact.

A well-placed crosshair doesn’t require big adjustments and reduces the time to get on target for taking the shot.

When it comes to angle distance try to keep your placement ready from as far from an angle as possible, the closer you are to an angle the more at risk of being shot first.

As mentioned before, Valorant overall has a linear map layout with some areas that have multiple angles, to avoid being killed, do not spread your aiming and peeking across different angles at the same time, use abilities such as smoke or viper’s poison cloud to block one angle while you take care of another and systematically work your way one angle at a time.

Although Valorant is quite similar to Counter-Strike, the recoil is slightly different in the former. So while Counter-Strike offers more options to spray control, try to use a sequence of bursts and tap to advance while your Valorant recoil resets.

Control your movement and speed while advancing, for example, don’t sprint while your shooting. Shifting, walking or a brief stop offers much more accuracy when shooting.

How to practice your aim in Valorant with 3D Aim Trainer

Start your Valorant aim trainer online with 3D Aim Trainer arena by concentrating on perfecting your skills in



  • + Micro flick shots
  • + Macro flick shots
  • + Combined flick shots
Target switching

Target switching

  • + Bounce ball target switching
  • + Goalkeeper


  • + Bounce ball click timing

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Valorant Training Routine

When it comes to aim training routines there is one golden rule our users need to follow in order to really improve their aim and benefit from the service we provide:

It’s better to train every day for a half-hour than once a week for 3 hours.

Valorant Aim Trainer Drill

Repeat this drill daily as a training course to improve your aim in Valorant, Depending on the skill level of the user and the difficulty level, on average it only takes 25-30 minutes to complete.

Valorant Trainer 30-minutes a day routine plan

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Got Questions?

We hope this Valorant aim trainer guide was useful on how to improve in Valorant and if you have any questions, please join our Discord Community.