Use Eye Tracking to Take your Aim Practice to the Next Level

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Tobii x 3D Aim Trainer

Tobii Eye Tracking with 3D Aim Trainer in Action

We’ve joined forces with Tobii Gaming to empower our players and help them take their aim training to new heights. Now, you can connect your eye tracking gear from Tobii directly with the 3D Aim Trainer desktop app.

The new addition to our platform will improve your ability to efficiently absorb and use the information provided from the eye tracker, whether it’s understanding your map awareness or how quickly you react to enemy targeting.

About Tobii

Tobii is the world leader in eye tracking tech, a sensor technology that makes it possible for a computer to know where a person is looking on screen. An eye tracker can detect the presence, attention, and focus of the user. It allows for unique insights into human behavior and facilitates natural user interfaces in a broad range of devices. 

Tobii began solely in the medical field where the ability to control a computer using the eyes was vital for people who are unable to speak or use their hands. Expanding into the gaming industry was only a natural and very much needed additional  step, where the head and eye tracking capabilities offer additional support for players in the following areas but not limited to:

Training: The eye tracker offers you intel on your visual attention and how it’s impacting your play, and performance. Analytics offered by the Tobii Eye Tracker includes metrics such as eye reaction,, awareness, and focus to make quicker and better-informed decisions. 
Gameplay: The eye tracker has many features that we know would boost your vision control over any battlefield. Tobii is partnered with many game studios to include source integrated eye tracking for deeper immersion and player engagement, including aim at gaze, dynamic lighting, and extended view camera movement.
Streaming: 3D Aim Trainer is proud to be a training and warmup arena for many pro players, and streamers alike. Adding the eye tracker to their daily training routine will further improve their aiming skills. Using an eye tracker adds an edge to your stream, so you can show your viewers where you’re looking, and provide insight for your viewers into your decision-making and awareness.

Tobii Eye Tracker

Eye Tracking in FPS Games, Why is it Good to Use?

FPS games are undoubtedly among the most difficult PC games out there due to the amount of information you need to perceive, evaluate, and then act upon. So when it comes to visuals: Better vision makes better gameplay! It goes without saying how visual attention makes all the difference between zero to hero in any FPS game. Improve your performance altogether by identifying and analyzing your in-game visual attention. 
To improve your odds of playing optimally any FPS game you should be tracking so many things! From your health and resources to (depending on the game) enemy and allies locations to timers for objectives… etc

While top players can absorb this information and instantly make the best decisions that they can; new players can struggle to keep up and will naturally have more blind spots in their decision-making. And that’s where visual attention is key.

The Five Pillars of Eye Tracking

Metrics to Measure your Progress with 3D Aim Trainer

Eye Tracking Metrics to Measure your Progress with 3D Aim Trainer

3D Aim Trainer platform measures a specific set of relevant data to players training routine and performance enhancement. Three of the metrics are readily available while two are under development and will be launched soon! 

Eye Reaction Time: Measures the time it takes between the target changing direction and your eyes’ reaction. This metric comes in handy when training your tracking skills.

Eye Speed (Coming Soon): Measures the average speed of the eye movement going from one target to another. This metric is helpful when training in multi-target modes.

Eye Accuracy: Gives better insight into your focus. Keeping focus at all times without deviating your gaze from your opponent makes the difference between victory or defeat.

HUD Awareness: This shows your ability to process the information on the screen. Experienced players barely require visual input to understand what is going on. They often rely on “game sense” to know exactly where their opponents are, how many clips they have left in their magazine, and how close they are to a power-up.

Heatmap (Coming Soon): The heatmap represents all the fixations on the screen and provides a post-game summary.

Sync your Eye Tracker with 3D Aim Trainer

  1. Connect your eye tracker to the bottom of your display screen via mounting plate +  USB
  2. The drivers should install automatically, however, you can download Tobii software here
  3. Use the software to calibrate your eye tracker
  4. Download the 3D Aim Trainer Desktop App here
  5. Pick a training session and select Play in Desktop App
  6. Start training!

3D Aim Trainer Eye Tracking Metrics with Tobii Dashboard

To begin receiving analysis, start training for a few skill routines. Afterward, you’ll receive new eye tracking metrics on your 3D Aim Trainer postgame screen.

Once you play at least five routines in the same training mode, you’ll be able to see substantial data to analyze and improve your aim.

Ready to Dominate?

If you’ve already got your eye tracker, head on to the Quick Play to start your training.
Don’t have one yet? Buy Now

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