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How do I create an account?

To create an account on 3D Aim Trainer, click the Register button in the top right corner.

  1. Enter your email address
  2. Choose a username and password
  3. Accept the terms of use and privacy policy
You can also join our Beta Tester community and/or subscribe to our newsletter, but this is not mandatory.

I want to delete my account

If you want to delete your account, just email your Username and email address that was used to create the account to [email protected] and we will do it for you.

Why do I need to create an account?

You can play and train your aim at 3D Aim Trainer for Free and without an account, however, in order to get better at fps games, creating an account grants you 3 main great benefits:

  1. It enables you to track your progress and work on systematically improving your aim.
  2. It allows you to customize your field of view, select your weapon and the hipfire- and scope-sensitivity for all the supported fps games you train for. Finding the best mouse sensitivity is key to becoming a better player.
  3. It gives you the possibility to claim a spot on the high score leaderboards of 3D Aim Trainer.

How Can I Submit a Bug or Issue?

To report a bug, please email us at [email protected] with the following information

  • The platform you’re using (web, mobile or downloaded desktop app)
  • Issue or Bug
  • Your settings
  • The game you’re syncing with
  • The level you’re playing at

What is 3D Aim Trainer?

3D Aim Trainer is a multiplatform aim training game created to improve aim on PC, mobile, and a downloaded desktop App for competitive first person shooter games such as CSGO, Valorant, Apex Legends, Overwatch, Krunker, and Escape From Tarkov as well as Third Person Shooter games like PUBG and Fortnite.

What Platforms are you available on?

3D Aim Trainer is available for you on your browser, whether PC or Mac. And the downloaded Desktop version is available for hard-core gamers. The Android mobile app allows you to train anywhere and anytime.

Does 3D Aim Trainer Support Controllers?

At this moment 3D Aim Trainer does not support controllers, however, we are working hard on bringing this feature to you very soon.

How would 3D Aim Trainer Help Improve my Aim?

Since regular repetition is key for learning and improving any type of skill, this is also true when it comes to improving your aiming skills. As the brain creates new neurological connections for every skill you adopt, it’s the number of neurons involved in those connections that will determine the level of skill, and 3D Aim Trainer offers you training on different skill levels so you can advance and improve your aim from any level you’re starting at.

3D Aim Trainer is also the perfect arena to warm up before playing online shooter games.

How can I Monitor my Aim Training Progress

To keep track of your progress on 3D Aim Trainer you need to create an account (see “How do I create an account?”). After every training session, you will be redirected to the Result Page, which contains in-depth statistics (see “What’s the meaning of the statistics?” for more info) of your last game and your best game. Additionally, you will be able to monitor your progress for each stat-type that is tracked for the specific training exercise.

What’s the Meaning of the Statistics I see in my Progress Report

  • Accuracy: Shots fired on target vs Total shots fired
  • Critical accuracy: Shots fired on target’s head vs Total shots fired
  • Average Kill Time: The time between the spawning (appearing) of a target and the destruction of the target
  • Overshoot Percentage: % of shots fired behind the target
  • Undershoot Percentage: % of shots fired before the target
  • Kill Ratio: The number of targets that were destroyed vs The number of targets that spawned
  • Average Reaction Time type1: The time it takes between the spawning of a target and the reaction of a player towards the target
  • Average Reaction Time type2: The time it takes between the change of direction from a target and the change of the player’s cursor in the same direction the target moved in
  • Average Time to Target: The time it takes between the spawning of a target and placing the cursor on the target
  • Average Correcting Time: The time it takes between the change of direction from a target and placing the cursor back on the target
  • Average Movement Reaction Time: The time it takes between a target changing direction, and the player moving in the same (or different) direction

How to Change Mouse Sensitivity to Apex Legends, Call of Duty, and other FPS Games?

Yes, you can adjust mouse sensitivity to match with any supported game available on our platform. If you play with the default settings from the game, you can choose the game you want to train directly from the homepage.

If you play with other settings than the default settings you will need to create an account first. (see “How do I create an account?”) After you created an account you can change the settings by either clicking “Settings” in the navigation bar or click on your “Username” in the top right corner and select “Trainer Settings” from the dropdown menu. From the “Settings” select the game you wish to sync within the dropdown menu and navigate through the different tabs to change the settings according to your own preference.

How Do I Change my Crosshair in 3D Aim Trainer?

For crosshair customization, simply press "P" or “ESC” when you are in the game. That will open the options menu where you can change keybinding, quality settings, and crosshair which you will find under the “HUD” tab.

What is the Difference Between Quick Play and Academy?

Use Quick Play anytime you want to warm up before playing a game or just for fun! If you’re new to FPS games, it’s a great place to start.

If you are serious about aim improving and wish to do that in an effective way, then the Academy is the right place for you. Train your aim for 5 skills that a good shooter player needs to master: Flicking, tracking, clicking, target switching, and strafe aiming.

I get a low frames per second (fps) / the game feels laggy

If you are experiencing lag or have low frames per second in the browser Webgl version this usually means your “Hardware Acceleration” settings are not configurate correctly. Depending on your graphics card (GPU) you might need to turn this off or on. Follow the steps below to find this settings for Google Chrome.

1. Go to Settings in Chrome

2. Scroll down, and click Advanced

3. Under System, change the setting for "Use Hardware Acceleration when available"

My mouse sensitivity feels incorrect / my crosshair moves too slow or fast in the browser (Webgl)

This can have 2 reasons.

  1. The Windows “Enhanced Pointer Precision” is enabled in the Windows mouse pointer options which creates inconsistent mouse movement depending on speed at which you move your mouse. In order to turn this off follow the step below.

    1. Open Control Panel, and click on hardware and Sound
    2. Under Devices and Printer, click on Mouse
    3. In the Pointer Options tab, disable Enhance pointer precision and click OK
  2. You made changes to the windows pointer speed (WPS) which has a direct effect on the browser mouse sensitivity but not on the game you are synchronized with since that usually uses RAW mouse input directly from the mouse. To synchronize the browser Webgl version of our trainer with your game you need to set up your windows pointer speed (WPS) correctly by going to the advanced tab of the “game settings” and make sure the slider has the same value. When this is done the mouse sensitivity is synchronized correctly between game and trainer. (However, you still need to disable the “Enhanced Pointer Precision” if this isn’t the case)

Why is my mouse sensitivity different between Browser (Webgl) and the Desktop-App?

The browser is controlled by the windows pointer settings while the desktop-app uses Raw-mouse input, which means that it takes his pointer information directly from the mouse without Windows interfering.

If you made any changes to the widows pointer options like adjusting the windows pointer speed (WPS) or enabling “Enhanced Pointer Precision” this has a direct effect on the browser mouse sensitivity while this isn’t the case in the desktop application. This will cause a sensitivity mismatch between the browser and desktop application. We highly recommend to disable “Enhanced Pointer Precision” in the windows pointer options and keep the windows pointer speed at default (6) to avoid this problem.

Alternatively, if you have adjusted your Widows Pointer Speed (WPS) and want to use this in the trainer’s Webgl version you have the option to synchronize your WPS settings with our trainer in the advanced tab of the game settings. This will make sure your mouse sensitivity is the same between game and trainer. (However, you still need to disable the “Enhanced Pointer Precision”)

Can I use the default 3D Aim Trainer sensitivity that is used when I’m not logged in?

Currently there is no easy way to synchronize with the default 3D Aim Trainer sensitivity without logging out, however we are working on our own sensitivity that will be available soon.

Which browser should I use to get the best experience in Webgl?

We highly recommend you to use chromium-based browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Vivaldi etc. as we are extensively testing our platform and user experience on those browsers, you can find a list of chromium based browsers here.

Got More Questions?

Please email us at [email protected]