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3D Aim Trainer is a free online website to improve your aim. We accurately simulate FPS games in a customizable training arena. You can play around with your FOV and mouse sensitivity (hipfire, ADS and scopes) to boost your aim and practice in different game modes like ‘tracking’ and ‘flick & reflex’ until you’re an aiming pro.

We currently support, among other games: Fortnite, Rainbow 6 Siege, Apex Legends, Counter-Strike: GO, Overwatch, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 and PUBG.

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Synchronization magic!

Simply select your game you wish to train, and we do the rest!
Made some adjustments in your game settings? No problem, just fill in the same values on our website, and you enjoy a perfect sync!

Field of view

Same viewable game world angle, for each and every game.

Mouse sensitivity

1 inch mouse movement in the game has the exact same effect in our aim trainer.

Characters and guns

Movement speeds, jump heights, reload times, fire rates, ... you name it! All in perfect sync.

Scopes (ADS)

Experience the same zoom levels and sensitivity while aiming down sight, just like in your game (unique in the world)!

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