PUBG Aim Trainer Guide: A 7-Day Course to get better aim at PUBG

The PUBG tips and tricks that you need for improving your aim faster with 3D Aim Trainer are here!

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How to improve your aim in PUBG?

Getting better in PUBG has a few important twists and if you nail them, you will be able to vastly improve your in-game performance. It is a new and popular battle royale game that requires hundreds of hours of practice to master! This also applies to the shooting and aiming mechanics due to the recoil and the bullet travel specifications that are employed in PUBG. The most important thing however is to be consistent in your practice and to not get discouraged by your initial bad performance - this simply means you will be able to get better quite noticeably. Let's dig deeper!

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How to practice your aim in PUBG with 3D Aim Trainer

To practice your aim in PUBG properly you need dedicated aim exercises and a consistent daily aim training routine.

The 7-Day PUBG Aim Trainer Chicken Dinner Routine

How you practice your aim in PUBG is very important - recoil management, judging distances, bullet drops and anticipating where to position your crosshair in order to catch the enemy movement are the essence in improving your PUBG performance. These concepts require dedicated aim exercises in order to train efficiently.

Execute the following PUBG Aim Trainer routine and in 30mins you would accumulate the aim practice that otherwise you'd get from playing over 200 rounds in PUBG!

Remember: Start with the basic difficulty levels where available! When you get a gold medal on all Basic levels - move to the Intermediate difficulty. It's normal to advance faster in some levels while you struggle in others.

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PUBG key features

  • Battle Royale with variable target distances
  • Weaponry recoil and bullet drop
  • Environment utilization for strategic purposes
  • Low Time to Kill
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Required skills

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What to train for your PUBG Aim?

Practice makes perfect and it is 100% true for PUBG but you need to know what exactly to practice for your PUBG aim. We can divide it in 4 sections:

  • Fast reactions
  • Recoil control and crosshair placement
  • Anticipating target movement
  • Targeted aim practice

Improve your PUBG aim within these 4 areas and the chicken dinner will be yours! Below we explain why in further detail:



Recoil can be quite difficult in PUBG which makes it an uphill battle to adjust your aim notably while also managing the recoil from your weapon. Start with "divide & conquer" tactics: first learn the weapons and their recoil, later tackle crosshair placement!

Crosshair Placement

Crosshair Placement

To avoid the issue mentioned in the recoil section correct crosshair placement is crucial - it allows for taking down opponents in PUBG in shorter shot instances rather than long sprays. "Quality vs quantity" concept - If the shots are places correctly, you don't need a lot to mark a kill.

Moving targets

Moving targets

Control your movement and speed while going through the maps. Don’t sprint while you’re shooting! Movements like shifting, walking or a brief stop offer better accuracy when shooting.



Always anticipate opponents appearing in the hallways or behind a corner in the boxy maps of this game - keep your crosshair at head height if you don't want nasty surprises

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What does this aim training do for your aim in PUBG?

Training your aim in PUBG utilizing this routine helps because:

1. It allows you to focus your efforts on improving aim tracking and crosshair positioning for PUBG while evaluating and anticipating target movement as well as switching targets at different distance ranges. Focusing on this means you will spend 99% of the time practicing these PUBG aim essentials, achieving faster progress.

2. Following this PUBG aim practice routine will help you get used to methodical training and will improve your hand-eye coordination, muscle memory and mouse reaction times. They are the base for consistent long-term improvement in PUBG and the foundation for mastering other important elements like peeking around corners or out of cover, movement and positioning.

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Bonus: PUBG Tricks that will help you fine-tune your aim!

Before mastering your PUBG aim you should pay attention to the tools you are using - the mouse, mouse sensitivity and eDPI setting you use are all important in order to maximize your training results. Check the PUBG Mouse Sensitivity Converter if you need help setting up the most suitable mouse sens settings for you!

Got Questions?

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