Valorant aim trainer guide: How to improve your aim

If you feel like your Valorant aim is letting you down, read about the exercises that you can do to improve the situation!

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“Try to include 1-2 hours of aim training every day & keep playing Valorant too.”

How to improve Valorant aim?

Valorant is a competitive First-person hero shooter game. 2 games that I would combine to make this game are Overwatch and CSGO. If you already played it or you watched at least 15 seconds of gameplay you already know what this game has to offer:

A mixture of gunplay, boxy maps and Agent (heroes) abilities. A recipe for a tactical competitive game with a massive spectatorship.

The gunplay is a bit less important than the amount of heroes and abilities available at your disposal. Some of them might seem a bit similar but always come with a twist.

You might experience similar effect from 3 different agents in what many Valorant players describe as "highly congested and claustrophobic areas".

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How to practice your aim in Valorant with 3D Aim Trainer

You need to pick an adequate aim training routine and stick to it in order to really improve your aim in Valorant and benefit from the 3D Aim Trainer platform.

This is the Valorant Training Routine

Follow this Valorant aim training routine to have better odds at aiming during gunplay and countering abilities. Do the listed exercises for each day of the week. Performance in this game is based on how tactical you play but having consistent aim is the base. It's better to train every day for half an hour than once a week for 3 hours.

Remember: Start with the basic difficulty levels where available! When you get gold medals on all Basic levels - move to the Intermediate difficulty. It's normal to advance faster in some levels while you struggle in others.

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Valorant key features

  • Simple graphics for good performance on any machine
  • Economy system for buying guns and abilities
  • Plain boxes, lines and hallways based maps
  • Low TTK (Time to Kill)
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Required skills

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What to train for your Valorant Aim?

Use your hero abilities well and focus on these 4 main aspects of your Valorant aim if you really want to get better:

  • Fast reactions
  • Micro flicking with high accuracy
  • Controlling gun spread
  • Recoil mastery

Train to improve your skills in these areas with the help of 3D Aim Trainer and you will rank higher! If you use an Aim Trainer for Valorant you can expect the following benefits:



There are familiarities between the recoil in this game and CSGO but the crosshair reset is very different. You need training to master it. Learn to reset recoil with short sequences of bursts and taps.



You need to understand placement and angle distance. Beware of enemies holding angles. Do this by keeping away from possible angles or you risk being shot at first.



Control your movement and speed while going through the maps. Don’t sprint while you’re shooting! Movements like shifting, walking or a brief stop offer better accuracy when shooting.



Always anticipate opponents appearing in the hallways or behind a corner in the boxy maps of this game - keep your crosshair at head height if you don't want nasty surprises.



The Abilities in this game are meant to stop enemies from hiding in certain locations and countering common camping spots on the map. The first set of Valorant maps looks like CSGO and offers multiple angles. Don't expose yourself to different angles at the same time. Use your abilities like smoke or viper’s poison cloud to block one angle while you take care of another.

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Why do these aim exercises work for this game?

There are two reasons why this routine is perfect for Aim training.

1. These exercises will help your aim where it matters! Crosshair placement, quick mouse reaction and aim flicking are crucial to improve your k/d in Valorant.

  • You will learn to maintain your crosshair in the optimal position
  • You will improve accuracy of short aim flicks on horizontal distance
  • You will be able to gradually correct your positioning and movement

2. Practice makes perfect!

  • You will be following a systemic approach to aim training for Valorant which would help you get used to exercising and achieve long term improvement in your Valorant aim that is sustainable
  • Following this Valorant aim training tips and the routine above will help you feel more competent and more confident when playing Valorant!
  • Don't forget to use the Valorant Sens converter to make sure you use the same aim that you're used to in both playing and training.

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Bonus: Valorant Tricks that will help you fine-tune your aim!

If you are already practicing your aim for Valorant and you are seeing improvement, maybe it's time to double check your gear settings and mouse sensitivity! Check out our blog post about the Best gear settings for Valorant and you may find some quick tweaks that you can apply in your next play session!

Tips for other games can also give you ideas or spark your imagination to apply them in Valorant too, so go check our dedicated guides on Fortnite Aim Training and CS2 Training.

Got Questions?

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