Improve your Aim with Aimer7 & 3D Aim Trainer’s new Flicking Fundamental Academy

New Release
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1. FUNDAMENTAL ACADEMY – The fastest way to improve your rank in the top FPS Games like Valorant, CSGO, Call of Duty, Fortnite and more!

We are excited to announce the first part of a big update coming to 3D Aim Trainer – The Fundamental Academy 2.0. Fundamental academy is the ultimate training ground for improving your Aiming Skills on 3D Aim Trainer and its purpose is to provide you, the player, with the best training environment and extensive exercise scenarios designed to improve your overall aiming skills which you can use in any First Person Shooter going from Overwatch to Valorant!

The latest and greatest version of our Fundamental Academy is designed and build in cooperation with one of the best and most famous aim coaches on the planet, Damien E, better known as AIMER7, who coaches Bugha (Fortnite World Champion), Dafran (Top Overwatch Streamer and former OW-League second MVP 2019) and many other current and past PRO FPS Players.

“As a leading aim coach and a former top FPS player, vouching for the seriousness of 3D Aim Trainer takes no effort. The training program we designed together in the past 2 years is of very high quality and the improvement pursued by any committed player is almost guaranteed with 3daimtrainer’s Fundamental Academy 2.0″ AIMER7

As already mentioned, the Fundamental Academy will be released step by step over the upcoming weeks – covering the 4 Fundamental Aiming Skills: Flicking, Clicking, Tracking, and Target Switching. Starting today with the first part – Flicking!


A flick is when you perform a very fast crosshair movement towards your target. The purpose of the flick shot is to mitigate the impact of enemy movement on your aim and to acquire your target as fast as possible. A flick shot helps mitigate enemy movement by moving so rapidly that in the time it took to perform the flick, the target has either not moved at all, or has only managed to move a tiny amount. 

Flick shots allow for near-instant target acquisition which means you are poised to pump out the highest amount of damage possible in the time frame available to you.

Flick training is important because with practice and the right sensitivity, your flick shots can become amazingly accurate and can seriously elevate your play!


The 3DAT fundamental flicking academy is split up into 3 difficulty tiers: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced and 2 sub-skills: Flick Speed and Flick Accuracy.

  • The “Flick Speed” game modes focus on the execution speed of the flick, or the time it takes the player to acquire and kill the target. To emphasize this, targets in those training levels will be relatively big in relation to the difficulty level and the scoring system rewards execution speed as the time to kill a target will be the decisive factor for hitting a high score.
  • The “Flick Accuracy” game modes focus more on the precision of the flick and to emphasize this, targets in those training levels will be relatively small in relation to the difficulty level and the scoring system rewards precision as the player receives certain penalties depending on the training level if he misses his target. Therefore, being accurate and precise is the key for getting a high score.

There are a total of 30 flicking levels carefully designed to train all the Fundamental Flicking Skills that you will need in real world scenarios! Watch the short walk-through video below to check it out!


After successfully training your aim on the Flicking Fundamental Academy you will be able to position your crosshair on your enemy’s head in a blink of an eye. In games like Valorant and CSGO where the time-to-kill is low this skill is even more important, meaning that every split-second is crucial and can make the difference between winning and losing!


The Flicking Fundamental Academy is absolutely free and is already available for all registered members on 3D Aim Trainer over Web and Steam! Go ahead and start improving your aim now!

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