Practice your aim with Aimer7 & 3D Aim Trainer – Part 2: Aim Clicking Fundamental Academy

New Release
Reading Time: 3 minutes

1. The new Aim Clicking Fundamental Academy is now Live!

As promised, after we released the new Fundamental Academy’s first part dedicated to Flicking, now comes the time when we add the next crucial exercises focusing on the next important skills in Aiming – clicking. With the addition of the Clicking Academy you will realize the amazing potential that Fundamental Academy has to improve your overall performance in FPS games and to consequently increase your rank in your favorite games.

The Fundamental Academy was created in cooperation with Aimer7 – the famous coach behind Bugha (Fortnite World Champion), Dafran (Top Overwatch Streamer and former OW-League second MVP 2019) and many other current and past PRO FPS Players.

The Clicking Fundamental Academy focuses on making you better at aim clicking and improving your clicking skills through meticulously developed exercises that emulate real in-game scenarios. It will prepare you for the most demanding games today. Having accurate and fast clicks is important in games like Valorant, Fortnite, COD, CS 2, PUBG, and virtually any competitive FPS game nowadays.

2. What is aim clicking and why train it?

We are all familiar with what a click is. It is a fundamental action that we do if we are playing any FPS game or if we are just using a mouse. However, to be among the top players in Valorant, Fortnite or any other competitive game, you need to be a competent aim clicker who is able to perform extremely accurate clicks in a very quick manner constantly throughout a prolonged period of time. Practicing is required in order to achieve this level of aim mastery. But worry not, because the Clicking Fundamental Academy is the best place to practice your aim clicking and take your aim to the next level!

3. Clicking academy – what is new?

As you have already notice with the previous release of the fundamental academy, it is split into 3 difficulty tiers – Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. Same goes for the newly added Aim Clicking training. It is further divided into verified clicking, point clicking, efficiency and reactive clicking.

Click Verified subskill is all about target verification. That means that the levels are designed to teach you that you should first confirm your crosshair on the target before you pull the trigger. These levels have accuracy correction, so your score gets reduced if you miss and on top of that your weapons have a reduced rate of fire.

Click Point clicking is the art of going fast. No accuracy correction here and no reduced fire rate. Your score depends heavily on the amount of targets you are able to shoot within the time limit. For this reason, the targets are often bigger, but they move faster as well. That means you can shoot more on intuition.

Click Efficiency subskill is about pathing. That means that you are training yourself how to be efficient at shooting multiple targets. These levels have a bunch of new mechanics ready to be explored.

Click Reactive trains your reflexes and thus reaction speed. The big difference with point clicking is that the targets will move reactively to your actions, creating a training environment ideal for upping your reflexes.

4. What would I achieve when I complete the Clicking Fundamental Academy?

Completing the Clicking Fundamental Academy will take your click speed and click accuracy to the next level! You will feel improvement in your reaction time, in the clicks per second and also in the accuracy of your clicks and how the amount of shots you miss will decrease. Many players report a noticeable improvement in the Percentage of Kills by a Head Shot that they achieve when playing battleroyale games. The faster and more accurate clicks that you will be capable of performing would translate to more kills in Low Time-to-Kill games and also in faster kills in High TTK FPS Games.

5. Where to train aim clicking?

The Fundamental Academy’s Aim Clicking section is now added on 3D Aim Trainer’s platform for Web and Steam and is completely free. Start training today and improve your aim clicking faster!