Best Fortnite Settings For Enhanced Performance On PC And Console, 3D Aim Trainer

The Best Fortnite Settings for Enhanced Performance on PC and Console

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Even though it has been here for over three years, Fortnite, a battle royale game, shows no signs of slowing down. According to Statista, the online survival game had 350 million players around the world as of May 2020. This figure is set to increase exponentially with the recent launch of Chapter 2.

This means even more competition for Fortnite enthusiasts.

So, if you’re looking to beat the competition, you must master the best Fortnite settings because your weapons alone won’t cut it. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the best settings for Fortnite PC and the console presets to choose from.

To maximize your prowess, be sure to check out our Fortnite Aim Trainer Guide.

The Best Video Settings for Fortnite 2021

Fortnite is a fun and competitive game with casual yet stunning video and graphic settings. Here are the best Fortnite pro settings for video starting with the display subsection.

Best Fortnite Settings for Enhanced Performance on PC and Console, 3D Aim Trainer

Display Settings

These might be standard settings, but they impact your gaming experience. Here are the best settings for Fortnite in terms of display:

  • Window Mode: The Window mode setting allows you to tweak the size of the game window. Always opt for full screen since it renders a higher FPS and provides a more immersive experience for PC gaming.
  • Resolution: Usually, Fortnite’s game engine automatically regulates the resolution. But for the best experience, your resolution should match your PC’s monitor. Most monitors are typically 1080p, so it’s best to stick to this for optimal performance.
  • Frame Rate Limit: When it comes to gaming, the higher the FPS, the better. However, keep in mind that the FPS is often predetermined by your PC’s refresh rate. That means you can only view as many frames as your monitor’s refresh rate allows. Setting “unlimited” on Fortnite when your monitor supports only 60 Hz is a waste of energy. So cap Fortnite’s frame rate limit at your monitor’s refresh rate.

Graphic Settings

Graphic settings on Fortnite will significantly affect your gaming experience. That is why you need to ensure you use the best possible settings.

  • Brightness: You always want to have your brightness set at 150% in any game, and Fortnite is no exception. It allows you to see enemies clearly, even in dark areas.
  • View Distance: The higher the view distance, the easier it’s for you to spot your enemies and their building activity. This gives you an upper hand as it allows you to plan your next move wisely. Since the view distance doesn’t affect the frame rate, set it to epic.
  • 3D Resolution: The best Fortnite settings in PC for 3D resolution is 100%, but since it affects the FPS, it’s better if you keep it between 25% and 75%.
  • Shadows: Shadows enhance the visual appeal by increasing depth perception. They also make it easier to spot enemies in the dark. However, they suck the life out of your GPU and affect frame rates dramatically. So, unless you have a powerful GPU, it’s best to turn shadows off in your Fortnite pro settings.
  • Anti-Aliasing: The higher this setting is, the smoother the visuals. But just like shadows, anti-aliasing negatively impacts performance. So, setting it to medium or below is the best way to go.
  • Textures: For texture, you’ll want to go with medium or low on Fortnite for those extra frame rates.
Graphic Settings for Fortnite, 3D Aim Trainer
Your gaming experience will change considerably with the right graphic settings
  • Effects: Effects make your gaming experience fun since they give more details in certain scenarios. For instance, they make explosions more detailed. However, they cause extra visual blur which affects your ability to see your target clearly. They’re also more taxing on your graphics card than shadows and textures. So, it’s best if you turn them as low as possible.
  • Post Processing: This setting enhances graphic quality by directly adding filters and effects to original Fortnite images. Although it makes them more realistic, it’s better turned low because medium to epic post-processing levels on Fortnite darken your scope’s vision, making it difficult to see far.
  • VSync: Turning VSync on ensures full FPS is always rendered so no tearing occurs. However, it causes input lag because for every picture rendered, you are at least one frame behind between the input you give and what’s displayed. So, it’s better turned off.
  • Motion Blur: Motion blur doesn’t affect FPS but it’s best if you turn it off because it can make it difficult for you to see when moving at high speeds.
  • Show FPS: You always want this one so you can see how many frame rates you’re working with during the game. Show FPS makes it easier for you to tweak and identify the best Fortnite settings on your PC. It allows you to enable various settings and then try them out to determine the impact they have on your frame rate.

Most video settings on Fortnite affect frame rates and in a competitive game like this one, you need to have a high FPS. So unless you have a powerful GPU or if you don’t mind low FPS, the best Fortnite pro settings when it comes to display and graphics are medium and low.

Fortnite Pro Audio Settings

Audio is critical in any battle royale game. With Fortnite being among the most competitive in this category, you need to use every element to your advantage. With the right audio settings on Fortnite, you can tell the direction your enemies are coming from and even what they are doing. Check out the best settings for Fortnite when it comes to audio:

  • Music: In-game music makes gameplay fun, but it can be quite distracting. It’s better turned low or off.
  • Sound Effects: Now this you want to leave on. Make it 75% or higher because it includes important sounds such as chest volume and your enemies’ footsteps.
  • 3D Headphones: If you’re wearing headphones, turn this setting onfor 3D audio. It increases sound quality, making enemy detection through audio easier and enhances your gameplay experience.
  • Voice chat: Want to hear and talk to your teammates? Leave this on. If not, then it’s okay to turn it off.
  • Subtitles: Not essential, but it doesn’t hurt to leave them on.

Fortnite PC Mouse Sensitivity Guide

Fortnite PC Mouse Sensitivity Guide, 3D Aim Trainer

Having the right video and audio settings is critical, but it’s only half the battle. It’s best to optimize your mouse sensitivity settings on Fortnite because it greatly affects your aiming ability.

It’s also a pretty expansive subject. But to break it down for you, here are the best Fortnite pro settings for mouse sensitivity:

eDPI: This means effective dots per inch. It is the best way to determine the best mouse sensitivity for Fortnite since it takes into account in-game sensitivity values as well as mouse DPI. As a result, your 360-degree spin distance remains constant. Most professional Fortnite players use an eDPI between 35 – 70, which is equal to 18.4 – 9.2 inch mouse movement when performing a 360° camera rotation.

Sensitivity X-axis: Sensitivity on the X-axis sets the pace for mouse movements in the horizontal axis – the left and right cursor movements. Note, the higher the sensitivity is, the more accurate you’ll need to be and the lower your fault margin. There are no right or wrong Fortnite pro sensitivity settings because it all comes down to your preferences. For instance, Bugha, one of the best Fortnite pro players sets His X-axis sensitivity at 5.0% (40 eDPI) while Mongraal has his at 9.0% (72 eDPI)

  • Sensitivity Y-axis: Sensitivity on the Y-axis affects up and down cursor movements. Again, it’s all about preferences But most players keep it in line with their X-axis value..
  • Targeting Sensitivity:  To boost aim accuracy when aiming down sights most pro players have a target & scope sensitivity between 30% and 50%. When it comes to Scope Sensitivity, a sweet spot for sensitivity is between 30.0% and 80.0%.

Fortnite Pro PC Keybinds

Fortnite Pro PC Keybinds, 3D Aim Trainer

Just as with mouse sensitivity, the right keybinds set you up for success on Fortnite. That is why we made sure to include keybinding settings for Fortnite PC in our guide:

Movement Keybinds

  • General movement (forward, left, backward, right): WASD
  • Jump: Space bar
  • Sprint: Left shift
  • Crouch: Left+ Ctrl
  • Auto-run: Equals (=), F4, or any easy-to-access function key

Combat/Weapon Keybinds

Here are ideal Fortnite PC keybinds for combat:

  • Target: Right mouse button
  • Fire: Left mouse button
  • Reload: R/G/Y
  • Use: E/mouse wheel up
  • Harvesting tool: 1
  • Weapon slot 1: 2
  • Weapon slot 2: 3
  • Weapon slot 3: 4
  • Weapon slot 4: 5
  • Weapon slot 5: 6

Building Keybinds

Building is what makes Fortnite stand out among other battle royale shooters. Mastering the right keybindings for the task is one way to get yourself to the top.

  • Wall: X
  • Floor: V
  • Stairs: C/mouse button 5
  • Roof: F
  • Trap: Y/5
  • Crouch while building: Left+ Ctrl
  • Repair or upgrade building: Tab button
  • Rotate building: R
  • Change your building materials: Right mouse button
  • Edit: G
  • Select edit: Left mouse button
  • Reset building edit: Right mouse button

How to Change Fortnite Settings on PC

Fortnite might be a cross-platform game, but it reigns supreme on PC due to the versatility it offers on this platform.

Now that you know the best settings for Fortnite PC, how do you change them? Well, it’s pretty straightforward. Simply follow the steps outlined below:

  • Go to the lobby. (that’s where you select the match or challenges you want to play.)
  • Click the sandwich icon on the upper right corner to unveil the extra settings we’ve highlighted above.

Best Fortnite Settings for Console

When it comes to console-play, the best Fortnite pro settings vary depending on the platform you are using, which is why we’ll focus mainly on controller settings. Usually, there are four preset options to choose from:

  • Builder pro: This is the most competitive default controller option. It links your building activity with your controller’s triggers and bumpers. It’s the best configuration because it allows you to easily access your building sets. It also gives you an upper hand. Why? Well, you can seamlessly outbuild your enemies, and then take them out from your high fort. This configuration is a perfect fit for Fortnite players who rely heavily on buildings.
  • Quick builder: This is an easier version of builder pro. Like its variant, it gives you access to building materials, editing interface, and similarly lets you outpace your enemies in building. But as you’d expect, it’s not as detailed as the latter.
  • Combat pro: This is for the aggressive players. As the name suggests, this controller configuration focuses more on combat. It’s perfect if you are a sharpshooter and love taking down your enemies without much hassle.
  • Old school: This configuration is based on third- and first-person shooters. It’s ideal for beginners who are still learning the ropes of Fortnite or veteran players who hate the complexity that comes with the controller settings highlighted above.

Practice with 3D Aim Trainer Academy

Learning the best pro Fortnite settings is the key to beating your competition now and in the future. We’ve included some of the best settings for Fortnite PC above, but there’s more to becoming king in this battle royale shooter game than just learning the settings. You need to master what works for your favorite Fortnite character, obtain the best skins, and even easily see the weak points of your enemies. 

Start your training today in our online arena to become a pro Fortnite player.

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