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How to convert Overwatch sensitivity using a sens converter?

Step 1

Choose to convert Overwatch sens to another game or the other way around.

Choose an option in the dropdowns from which game or to which game you'd like to convert your Overwatch sensitivity.

Step 2

Write your current Overwatch sensitivity values.

Copy & paste your current Overwatch sensitivity values from the game to the converter. Make sure you use the correct values, otherwise the aim conversion won't be accurate.

Step 3

Get the converted sensitivity automatically.

This Overwatch Sensitivity Converter will automatically calculate the corresponding values for the other game.

Step 4

Test your aim with the new sensitivity.

Test the suggested sensitivity on 3D Aim Trainer and tweak it on the go to achieve the same aim!

How to convert my sensitivity to or from my favorite FPS game?

Mouse Sensitivity Converter Video Tutorial

Why do I need a mouse sensitivity converter?

Mouse sensitivity settings can vary significantly between different game engines, and even between games build on the same engine. This can cause a top player to perform poorly in a different game. This Sens converter, also known as an aim converter, matches different sens settings and values so that you can play with the same aim in a different game.

Using a sensitivity converter is not required to translate correctly the rotational movements between different mice and between different games, but it is the recommended method to do so.

The original way is to calculate on your own the DPI of the mouse by measuring the distance travelled by the mouse for a 360 degree rotation in game A (or mouse A) and then compare the distance travelled by the mouse for a 360 degree rotation in game B by the same mouse (or by mouse B in the same game) taking in mind the in-game sensitivity setting and the yaw value of the game. Then calculate the values you need to change in order to obtain the same distance travelled in both cases.

This is complicated, requires performing mathematical calculations and is more time consuming, while using the sensitivity converter is a lot faster & easier. This is why it's the preferred tool that FPS gamers use to convert sensitivities between different games quickly and correctly.